Go see Love Henry, its Gorgeous! Only up until August 30th.

Swan photo By Owl
I found a bit of time to go visit Love Henry, created by Tahiti Rae at Lea 8.
Wow this is so beautifully done I wish I had found time sooner.
The layers of tradition, color, history, beauty, flowers, stone. water, grandiose elegance is incredible.
This romantic build is so gorgeous and deeply steeped in history.
Anne Boleyn and Henry the Eight’s life and times leading up to the tragic beheading. 

Light photo by owl
“Anne….and Henry….exploded.
A match made in heaven.  Two people join to exploit their invincible new perspective of the world with the energy to conquer all.  The power of their union is perfect cause to pass it on to heirs and live the legend of their dynasty.
They share all and change the world, literally.
Purely through their chemistry they create a new elevation of happiness as an example for others to reach for, or only dream of.
But life is not fair.  And through all such bliss, comes the equal and opposite reaction of heartbreak — reaching the same epic proportions.  The ultimate betrayal.  And the ultimate punishment.  Death.
But what if the betrayal was not true!  A misunderstanding, a mistake – a setup!”
From Tahiti Rae’s description of her vision on the Lindenarts Blog.
Love photo by owl
Inara Pey does a great Job of describing this incredibly gorgeous build in her blog Modemworld.
Reflecting pool photo by owl
All I can say is wow go!
Click read explore see it all and quick the last day is August 30th!
Path photo by Owl
Thank you for coming by ~ owl
Relax photo by owl

10 thoughts on “Go see Love Henry, its Gorgeous! Only up until August 30th.

  1. Tahiti Rae

    Really, really great photos, Owl !! Just stunning!
    Love, Henry has now been extended and will be open to the end of the September, thanks to 2 very generous people! 🙂

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  2. Tahiti Rae

    The letters are all very real. The only one in question is Anne Boleyn’s letter from the tower. There are, however, references to Anne’s letter dating back to the mid to early 1600s so if it’s a fake, it’s been around for a loooong time. Historians argue over its authenticity but in 500 years have found nothing to factually dispute it. The letters from Henry to Anne are very real. The originals are stored at the Vatican in the Papal Library, presumably stolen and taken there as proof of his love for Anne, while Rome refused Henry a divorce. Henry broke it off with them and declared himself supreme head of the church of England so he could grant his own divorce. Copies of his letters are stored in London and a few other places.

    I’m thrilled you all are enjoying the SIM and are writing about it and photographing it to the hilt! I think their story is worth keeping live. It’s always possible to uncover more about them if we keep digging. I’ve added some new features to the SIM, some new garden houses and new décor, etc. and right now, there’s heavy rain and thunder in the gardens! Enjoy! 😉

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  3. Tahiti Rae

    New Halloween special attraction only open for 1 to 2 weeks based on LOVE, HENRY. See my profile for location or IM me for an invitation 😉 Features a world dedicated to the spirits of Anne & Henry, a Séance 11:00 pm SLT October 31, many doors to other places, deep, dark tunnels in which you will get lost. A photographer’s haven meant to be an environment to let the spirits come to you! Listen to the Wind! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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