See one of Inara Pey’s interests @ Lea 6!!

Inara Pey photo by owl

This week I found out about a build Inara Pey did @ Lea 6.

Inara is an amazing Woman! I have been in awe of her for some time.

Inaras’ blog  Modemworld

The House Inara Built photo by owl

Inara Pey covers a wide range of things including Pey’s travelogues both second life and other worlds, Events, well known and new Artists.

She covers Linden Labs meetings, project updates, viewer new release and all kinds of technical things about Sl explained in a way a non technical person can understand, for me this is gold and very helpful!

Inara’s blog also covers Nasa, Space and astronomy in a way that draws you in and is explained covering aspects of the technical but in a simple way.

Through her blog I have seen Inara build her island and house, learn more about sl flight and planes as well as many things.

Inara has a way of blogging that is very personable and she has a gift of clarifying the confusing.

Date exploring photo by owl

My awe of her made me want to run right over to see her build. I had a date so when he asked what I wanted to do off we went to see.

Instantly when we landed at “Impressions” we both could feel the ahh.

Inara has created a beautiful space with such a relaxing vibe of class and beauty.

The sim is landscaped with sweet naturalized spots to chat and cuddle (look for the mushroom click and sit). The sound of the river moving over the rocks adds to the calm atmosphere of the build.

CioTToLiNa Xue’s sculpture photo by owl

Inara features the impressive sculptural work and art of CioTToLiNa Xue scattered through the house and grounds. I particularly love her sculpture Donna con cuore (woman with heart).

Donna con cuore photo by owl

We first looked through the house a bit each room and floor has pieces of Inara’s photos from her explorations in second life. Inara’s photos have been the portals in her blog that have taken me to many new places to visit in second life. It is wonderful to wander this incredibly built house and see so many of her photos displayed.

Kitchen Photo by Owl

The house its self is gorgeous and you can see the real life influence that guided her build of this masterpiece. My date and I particularly loved the out building where you can meditate by a fire or play the piano.  We had such a fun time exploring, sitting and chatting around this build.

The vibe Inara has created with her Lea build is one of inner calm. Both my date and I felt so relaxed at her place we sat and chatted about all kinds of things listening to the well chosen music and the sound of the river and falls moving over the rocks.

Outbuilding photo by owl

This is a beautiful build that will require a return visit or many!

“Impressions” is open through September.

More on Inara’s Lea 6 build here in her blog.

More about lea here Linden arts Blogspot

who knew he was so talented Photo by owl

Thank you for stopping by ~ owl

4 thoughts on “See one of Inara Pey’s interests @ Lea 6!!

  1. Inara Pey


    Thank you so much for your kind words; I am genuinely moved (and blinking suddenly watery eyes!). I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit to LEA 6 – your pictures are magnificent, and I’m again in awe of your eye and skill for SL photography.

    So glad you enjoyed CioTToLiNa’s work; she’s such a modest, reserved woman, I’m desperate to see her sculptures more widely seen and recognised – her talent is delightful.

    Thank you as well for your comments about the blog; it is feedback like this which keeps me going 🙂 .


    1. yay ty : )) Iam glad you like the post! My comments about you and your blog are true with out you i would be so less informed and “worldly” in sl ! Thank you Inara! CioTToLiNa is impressive i will be looking for more of her work : )


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