The Month Of August has been wild!

The Month of August @ The Living Room included:
 The wonderful art of Jewell Wirefly On exhibit until Friday August 28th
~ An Emotional Journey Through Second Life ~
Jewell Wirefly photo by Owl
“Jewell’s art is nearly always inspired by a song and sometimes a quote or a poem. However, the one thing they all have in common is that they express her emotions. “
You can also find Jewell Firefly’s work at these locations:
Jewell’s work at The Living Room photo by owl
August has Included a line up of some of Second Life’s best Musicians!
Winston Ackland Pre show with Vreni Photo by Owl
The inspiring music of Winston Ackland opened out the month!
Premier Second Life live performer and real life music professional, Winston Ackland provides smiles with his clever original works and quirky adaptations of obscure covers. Winston is able to connect with in-world audiences like no other.
Simply put, Winston Ackland is a musical party with old friends you haven’t met yet.
Billy Thunders @ The Living Room photo by owl
Billy Thunders shared his bluesy style with us and his wild av!
HIs fingerpicked steel-string guitars collide with gritty slide as he takes you down the dusty roads of acoustic blues and the funky backstreets of contemporary folk-rock.
In RL, Billy is Cletis Carr, who has released seven solo albums and countless band CD’s.
Currently Billy is working on his new cd keep an eye out here on his website!

TLR photo by owl

We had the ever popular and fun filled pleasure of The Vinnie Show!

Singing current favorites to Classic Rock & Pop songs….plus ORIGINALS – all acoustically, Vinnie pours his heart and soul into every song and Live performance ….hoping to give something to each person In the audience. The Vinnie Show is all about having fun together!
The Vinnie show! @ The Living Room Photo by owl
Closing Out our Month were the sweet sounds of Laralette Lane!
Laralette Lane is a german solo acoustic guitar artist streaming live from the Netherlands!
She plays a variety of covers from John Denver, Billy Joel, Chris Isaac, The Cure, Green Day, R.E.M …
In RL she has been playing guitar and singing for over 20 years now and started performing in SL in October 2008.
Laralette Lane @ The Living Room! Photo By Owl
Daallee Nora & I loved having all these great performers and Jewell’s art what a fun month!
Rider Linden @ The Living Room! photo by owl
Visit us at The Living Room something new each month!
Thanks for stopping by ~ Owl

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