Experience Kiesta Aljon’s Art! (The Living Room and LEA)

The Living Room is really lucky to have Kiesta Aljon’s sacred light exhibit through July!

Kiesta’s sacred light exhibit closing party

July 28th 12 pm  SlT
Featuring Music by ~ Lazarus Doghouse

The gallery @ The Living Room!

Kiesta’s opening Sacred Light exhibit party photo by owl

Kiesta’s work is so light filled and uplifting,

like her personality you feel hugged by brightness and warmth while experiencing it.

Kiesta Hugs photo by Owl

“Sacred Light ….You will notice a number of juxtapositions in both work and display…light / dark, old / new, big /small, motion / stillness.  Each sculpture and photo is named to inspire your imagination and wonderment at what the artist was thinking during it’s creation.”

Kiesta is one of the creative people chosen for a LEA exhibit!

Kiesta @ LEA (Linden endowment for the Arts)

I can reflect the light Photo By Daallee

“This new piece was inspired by a few lines of a play called

 “All I Really Needed to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten” by Robert Fulgrum.

Im taking one small liberty here below.  It was originally written in the first person…saying “I”…but I want to expand this….and so have replaced the “I” with “We”
“We are not the light,
or the source of the light.
But we can reflect the light,
into the dark hearts
of man.”
Fiesta’s Light photo by owl
Kiesta also has her own beautiful Gallery
Sacred Art Gallery has existed in Second Life for over 4 years now.
It is 4 floors tall…and keeps growing. Sacred Art Gallery LM
Awhirl Kiesta’s art Photo by owl
Kiesta is a RL and SL artist and musician.  Kiesta has been creating “art” in many forms all her adult life.  Now in SL her art takes the form of building, to digital photos and now most recently to creating detailed, moving sculptures and mandalas.  “We like shiny, twirly things!”
wishing doesn’t make it so art by Kiesta photo by owl
Lazarus Doghouse and Kiesta have been friends since she joined Second Life.
If you have not been exposed to  the Lazarus Doghouse experience ..  You should be! He has a  totally unique  down to earth style with a southern slide and whiskey inspired lyrics.  Stepping into the musical experience of Lazarus is a trip you do not want to miss.
Lazarus Doghouse @ Gutheries! photo by Owl
” I like music I like real music.. I like my music.. and cherry snow cones. pubs and cafes, I like Fireball cold and straight up. Sailor Jerry, Slide guitars, howling at the moon, old Fender amps” Laz
Kiesta’s lovers @ Lagrange point photo by owl
Thank you for stopping by ~Owl

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