So much to see at SL12B!

Mistero Hifeng ‘s work
Happy 12th Birthday Second Life!
WalterF Wainwright’s welcome station

This year I missed a lot of the Birthday celebration for Second Life. Work, Life, etc just didn’t give me much time this past week. Sometimes thats how it goes.


I did manage to get to the celebration a bit here and there though and wow!

Its all so intense and big and even with time I doubt it could all be seen.

Chess Horse Butterfly – Bampu Legacies
Make the time to see some of it its wild and amazing!

Stage Frog
SL12B website & Blog info on what is where and when.
Inara Pey’s Modemworld
Ziki Questi’s blogspot
Caitlin Tobias’s Cait’s World
Uccie’s Poultry Report
Pygar builds the world
Many more have blogged this huge event.
Miestro Hifeng
You have one week left to go see all the hard work people did to create these wonderful Builds.
owl @ Bampu Legacies

Thank you for stopping by go see Sl12B before its gone!

click and go to the  Welcome Station!

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