Get exposed to Billy Thunders & Anidi Huet!

Billy & Anidi

The Living Room is proud to present:

June 16th
5pm Billy Thunders Cletis Carr Music
6pm Anidi Huet

Cletis Carr promo pic
Billy Thunders fingerpicked steel-string guitars collide with gritty slide as he takes you down the dusty roads of acoustic blues and the funky backstreets of contemporary folk-rock.
In RL, Billy is Cletis Carr, who has released seven solo albums and countless band CD’s. He’s an award winning record producer and songwriter for film, TV and chart hits for other artists. He’s shared the stages with the likes of Tom Petty, Joan Jett, Elvis Costello and many more.

Anidi Huet shares her beautiful falsetto and acoustic guitar with us. Come hear Anidi Huet share her ORIGINALS and some more. Embark on this journey with Anidi as she’s only begun to share her musical soul with the Second Life community. Perhaps you’ll experience a bit of the beauty that drew her to this online community seven years ago.

Sure to be an evening of Musical beauty!!
Join us for these 2 talented Musicians!

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