Toysoldier Thor Art exhibit!

Toysoldier Thor @ The Living Room

The Living Room presents:

Toysoldier Thor Exhibiting through June

 Opening exhibit

June 2nd 7pm Tuesday

Featured Musician  ~ Joe Paravane Live

The Living Room Gallery!

Toy strives to create artworks with a unique perspective, or a mind-holding composition / manipulation, or that expresses a message if you analyze it enough. As such, he is happiest with his art if it accomplishes all three.

The above photo is barely a glimpse, Toy has transformed the Gallery space into an amazing exhibit of his work and style. This is a beautiful showcase of Toysoldier Thor’s artistic Journey to date!

Toy is one of the first Artists to bring mesh sculpture from sl in rl .

 Read the  transformation of Shattered from second life into Real life here on Toysoldier Thor’s blog.

Toysoldier Thor exhibiting through June @ The Living Room!



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