SL12B BamPu Legacies & The SL Photographers Exhibit

Thank you so Much Bambi for inviting me to be part of this again this year!

BamPu Legacies of SecondLife

BamPu Legacies SL12B Exhibit 1 BamPu Legacies SL12B Exhibit 1

It is with great honor that I present to you some of the most

well known and talented Second Life Photographers and Artists!

This year at my SL12B BamPu Legacies & The SL Photographers Exhibit

(Located on Enchant)

I have created a gorgeous temple gallery to display incredibly loved

photographs and works of art from 7 companions who have established

their works among many piers, galleries, art installments and our

ever-so-loved FLICKR!

We welcome you to swing by and collect a few that are offered for FREE,

grab the information notecards containing landmarks & bio’s,

and hop above the MerHorse and pose in

a gorgeous flight among the oddities in the sky!

(Pose selected:  Black Tulip’s Dreamer #6)

Happy Birthday Second Life!

And many thanks to Owl, Awesome, Sabbian, Tali, Luna, Abel & Helena

for taking part in this exciting adventure!

You all inspire me!

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