Brain – Gasm ~ Exhibit by Molly Bloom ~ Through May

Brain-Gasm ~ Molly Bloom!

Molly’s Bloom’s Brain-Gasm: Learning and Creativity

Closing @ The Living Room

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 at 12 pm Noon SLT

Featured Musician: Mason Thorne Live!

The Living Room ~ come on by!

“Often an artist expresses themselves in a much deeper raw form than the onlooker can even understand, drawing you into their “gasm”, trying to turn you on as much as they were. Each and every gasm is not only a personal learning experience but also invites onlookers to learn about the artist.”

Simon @ Molly Bloom’s Brain-Gasm opening ~ photo by Daallee

Daallee and I loved having this exhibit this month!

Molly Blooms creativity, strength of form and visual presentation in well defiantly a Brain -gasm!

It continually amazes that Molly does all this directly in second life.She uses  no editing or photoshop.

He was Bad ~ Daallee @ Molly Bloom’s Brain- Gasm Opening ~ Photo by owl

For Molly’s closing event we bring you Mason Thorne performing live and sharing his wild style.

Owl @ Molly Bloom’s Brain-Gasm opening ~ Photo by owl

Come on by meet Molly be amazed by her creativity  feel the artistic brain – Gasm !

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