Mistero Hifang’s intense Art!

cammino e vivo capovolto 3 Photo by owl
My first experience seeing Mistero Hifeng’s work was at Linden Endowment for the Arts January 2015.
Mistero Hifeng’s creativity and expression of form is incredible.
His exhibit is still up at Lea29
cammino e vivo capovolto 2~ photo by Owl
I fond out about Miestro’s current exhibit through Inara Pey’s blog Living in a Modemworld.
This newest exhibit of his work is at Blossom land sharing a sim with Ocho tango.
Cammino e Vivo Capovolto by Mistro Hifang
cammino e vivo capovolto 4 ~ Photo by owl
In addition to the amazing work placed around the sim there is a Gallery where you can purchase pieces to make your bit of sl carry that sense of awe great artists give us.
cammino e vivo capovolto1 ~ Photo by owl
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