Witnessing Molly’s Brain-Gasm

Brain-Gasm perfectly describes this Exhibit by Molly Bloom and Inara Pey covers it beautifully in Living in the Modem World!

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Brain-GasmBrain-Gasm (click any image for full size)

Now open at The Living Room, the art and music space curated and managed by Owl Dragonash and Daallee, is the latest exhibition of Molly Bloom’s remarkable 3D art.

Created  entirely within Second Life, with minimal additional post-processing, Molly’s work  is beautifully intriguing because with it, she plays with our perception of depth. For Brain-Gasm, The Living Room’s gallery space has been dressed as a schoolroom, which Molly uses to frame an invitation for people to share in her special moments of creation.

“Brain-gasms come from everywhere, a visual, a smell, the sound of a song or an emotion.   Sometimes the effect is fleeting, and sometimes you find yourself with the overwhelming need to express,” Molly notes in discussing the exhibit. “Creativity flows, and not just in the traditional arts, but maybe cooking an extraordinary meal, creating an astounding business deal, or…

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