Winston Ackland ~ LIVE Music Scene SL

Music By Winston Ackland Video By Nina Camplin

Winston Ackland isn’t new to the music scene playing for over 20 years. His musical career bridged Sl and Rl when his cover of  “Lithium” was used in The 20th century Fox film “Marley and Me” and again when Winston’s cover of “Psycho Killer” was used in Oliver stones “Savages” Winston’s Newest project is a collaboration between friends called Wonderland Diner. The Album is fresh off the press this year! 

Winston Ackland ~ Commune Utopia ~ photo by owl

Owl (owl.dragonash): What color socks are you wearing? He is barefoot

Owl (owl.dragonash): What do you play?

Winston Ackland: guitar, bass, various keyboards, drums.

I can usually make some sort of noise with whatever you put in my hands,

I did more of that kind of thing when i was recording.

Owl (owl.dragonash): which do you feel most comfortable with ?

Winston Ackland: guitar and bass

Owl (owl.dragonash): How long have you been playing?

Winston Ackland: I think I was 7 when I started playing piano. guitar came a few years later.

Winston Ackland: so…. 150 years

Owl (owl.dragonash): Hmm you dont look that old

Winston Ackland: clean living 😉

Owl (owl.dragonash): What inspired you to play and sing?

seeing the beatles on ed sullivan. it made a huge impact on me. I was musical before that, but seeing them made me want to play for an audience and, once I discovered girls, it was all over. there was no turning back

Winston photo by owl

Owl (owl.dragonash): What is your favorite Album ever?

Winston Ackland: god, I don’t know. i have lots of faves

Owl (owl.dragonash): pick 3

Winston Ackland: in today’s culture, it seems to me that a fave album would be one that is enjoyed from start to finish… complete only by taking in the whole thing

 Winston Ackland: the impossible bird by nick lowe.

 Winston Ackland: california by mr. bungles

Winston Ackland: harry bellafonte live at carnegie hall

 Winston Ackland: but wait….

 Winston Ackland: the roches

 Winston Ackland: first band on the moon by the cardigansIi

Winston Ackland: it’s hard to narrow it down.

Winston Photo by owl

Owl (owl.dragonash): Of your originals what is your favorite?

 Winston Ackland: I really like i’m always falling down

 Winston Ackland: i should have said “my next song”

 Owl (owl.dragonash):What inspired “I’m always Falling down”?

Winston Ackland: I wrote that for an rpm challenge record. the inspiration was to get an album written and recorded during the month of february (2010)

Winston Ackland: it was the most concentrated effort of writting and recording i’ve ever been a part of

Winston Ackland: so, everything becomes material

Winston Ackland: that was one that just happened to come out well

Winston Ackland: i recorded it where i was working at a time when I had precious few jobs booked.

Winston Ackland: so, instead of coming to work wondering if I would have time to work on my album,

Winston Ackland: i would come to work to work on the album

Winston Ackland: no interruptions.

Winston Ackland: it was a marvelous time

Winston Halloween @ The Dirty Grind photo by owl

Owl (owl.dragonash): What is your fondest musical experience RL?

Winston Ackland: my fondest would be to accompany my older daughter on guitar as she sang for an audition for a local talent competition.

Winston Ackland: she was probably 10 at the time

Owl (owl.dragonash): wow that must have been great : )

Winston Ackland: it was. she is an incredible singer

Owl (owl.dragonash): What is your fondest musical experience SL?

( lol And Winston Acland The last time i saw my Mother comes on Indie spectrum radio)

Winston Ackland: it is a wonderful thing when playing at a place with only a few people in attendance, and then, suddenly, people are dropping out of the sky and it turns into an EVENT!

Winston Ackland: that song is from the same album as falling down

Owl (owl.dragonash): Sl is magic like that .. the and suddenly its all happening

Winston Ackland: yeah, the public speaks!

…Fan Girl time…

Owl (owl.dragonash): Iam sure you know your voice and warm personality melts Women …what has been your best experience due to this?

Winston Ackland: good question

Winston Ackland: I like to try to get inside the song i’m singing. I don’t think that Iam out to melt women, necessarily.

Owl (owl.dragonash): its a nice side effect though

Winston Ackland: it’s very nice that i seem to sometime have that effect.

Winston Ackland: there is a place that i play every other week

Winston Ackland: the hostess there is a very nice person. Winston Ackland: she told me that she has survived three episodes of cancer.

Winston Ackland: and now, comes #4

Winston Ackland: she told me that listening to me takes her away from all that for a little while

Winston Ackland: that meant a lot to me. i suddenly saw some value in what I do.

Owl (owl.dragonash): thats a beautiful gift you have and wonderful it has so many positive effects on people

Owl (owl.dragonash): I Hope she beats #4 too

Winston Ackland: me too!

Winston Ackland: there are a lot of people in sl going through all kinds of stuggles

Owl (owl.dragonash): there really are

Winston Ackland: it’s good to be a part of taking them away from those struggles, even for an hour.

Owl (owl.dragonash): What relaxes you the most?

Winston Ackland: Vreni and I always say that an hour together in SL sorts whatever is barking at your door. We are first class relaxers.

Winston Ackland: and not necessarily in the way you might be thinking. :p

Owl (owl.dragonash): What do you love about Second Life?

Winston Ackland: I love the fingerprints of everyone who is on the grid, whether they build things, or build connections between people. here we are, from all over the world, wandering the grid, sharing experiences. though these experiences are virtual, we still share them. I love how SL makes me question what “real” is.

 Winston Ackland: it is testimony to the strength of human imagination

~Ty Winston hear you soon : )

Winston Commune utopia Photo by owl

I Picked up the Wonderland Diner Album and love it!

It has the nostalgia sound of life lived .

The lyrics range from vivid to deep really hitting my brain in a way that makes me feel and think.

 February Rain –

“Got some demons in my closet
I need to exercise.
Goblins living in the basement,

I’ll take them out for a ride.

Stop drop and roll won’t work for me.

I’m burning.”

He Dreams of Amish Girls –

“He dreams of Amish girls

Dancing in the wildflowers,

For hours and hours,

Until they realize it’s late.

But they love the moonlight.

It illuminates their dances

And betters the chances

That sleep will have to wait.”

No One In the World –

“The wind needs your breath.

The fire needs your dreams.
The world made a home all for you,
Although you’re only passing through.

No one in the world can resist you.
You’re an Angel,
Falling into everyone’s heart.

Falling into everyone’s heart.”

Come catch Winston Live in SL

March 19th @ Darkstar Originals Hour

Originals @ Darkstar

March 26th @ The Living Room!

Gallery @ The Living Room!

or check out Winston’s Calendar

~ Thank you for stopping by owl

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