The Living Room Presents: Mason Thorne & Whirli Placebo’s “Casting Pearls before Swine SL Tour”

The Living Room Presents:
Mason Thorne
& Whirli Placebo’s
“Casting Pearls before Swine SL Tour”

5pm SLT (PDT) Mason Thorne
6pm SLT (PDT) Whirli Placebo

Join us at The Living Room!

Mason Thorne LIve! Mason is truly indescribable, unpredictable, lots of fun, wild must be experienced. Mason is a very talented folk music that can not control himself and is funny.. Mason is a true son of Poseidon. After winning a wager with his father involving a 60 ft. wave, Poseidon in an angry rage, cast him off to live in virtual reality with a toon family. We Thank Poseidon for that pleasure.
Mason Loves you!
Mason Thorne & Whirli Placebo!
Whirli Is the winner of the Av choice awards for Originals Category.
WHIRLI PLACEBO: Quirky, eclectic, original songwriter.”If Brian Wilson taught Tom Waits how to surf..the outcome may sound a little like Whirli Placebo” – Lee Gibson. Whirli Placebo – 99% original, 1% WTF!
Join us for 2  great hours of Live Music!

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