Mason Thorne ~ Musician ~ Surf God ~ Comedian

Photo By Daallee
Photo By Daallee
What do you play?
Mason Thorne: I play masonized folk music
or do you mean my 6 string martin named audrey?
What are your favorite green room supplies?
Mason Thorne: well green things along with glass things to consume the green things and water and coffee from kilko coffee house
How would you describe the Mason Thorne experience?
Mason Thorne: Well I rely on audience participation so its important that they are in it too they are my band members then i mix in the masonized folk standards to keep them dancing
You have wild intros how do those happen?
(I think he wandered off ….)
Mason Thorne: Well I needed time to make sure all my stuff was working when I first started. Bob Dylan always does a little tongue in cheek intro at his shows so I worked one up so I could make sure I was on the stream and had good levels ect. No one had ever done anything like that in SL I guess so everyone loved it and it made them laugh so I got a friend of mine who does professional voice overs and made a few. After years I dont need the extra time before to make sure everything is going well as much but they have become part of my show. Which reminds me I have to make new ones the ones I have now I think ppl call the vintage intros
What is your fondest musical experience RL?
Mason Thorne: Every Grateful Dead show I ever went to before Jerry was gone
Photo By owl
Photo By owl
One of the first times I saw you blogged it was here
Have you gotten your equipment adjusted to your liking?
Mason Thorne: I dont think that will ever happen
Mason Thorne: you hear someone with some effect on you try it mess your whole thing up start again lol its never ending
Mason Thorne: you just hope at show time it sounds somewhat decent
I see you were also blogged here…
“Yoru calls him “Mesmerizing Mason,” because he astonished us ….Hawaiian surf musician who is himself as hot as lava? -it was as if lightning had struck the orgy pit amidst the thunder of his music.”
How was playing for an orgy as a surf God?
Mason Thorne: well that was a good idea and I had loads of jokes written for it but when it was going absoultly no one was paying attention to the act on stage including me so it was a tough crowd but since I got to get naked and swirl my prim penis around on stage it was super fun. Okay it doesnt do that but I imagined thats what was happening
Mason Thorne: second life is all about imagining it will happen and then it does
Surf photo By Daallee

Fan Girl time…

What was the biggest wave you ever surfed?
Mason Thorne: well i have been towed into monster waves but I dont count that paddling in? probably a 35 foot face at Wiamea but I will take a 15ft pipe barrel over any of that any day of the century
What is the sexiest thing you have ever done?
Mason Thorne: oo thats the hardest one yet
Mason Thorne: pun intended 😛
Owl Dragonash: haha
Mason Thorne: Im not very sexy but
Owl DragonashOwl Dragonash points to surf god references above
Mason Thorne: defiantly sailing into the mile high club that was super sexy
Is there anything you would like me to include in this interview?
Mason Thorne: um just come to the show its not as vulgar as you heard.. probably
Mason needs a new Guitar photo By Daallee
Mason Thorne
March 12th @ 5pm @ The Living Room
Surfside every tuesday @ 3pm
Helle’s Angels Every Wednesday @12pm
Pranks every Thursday @ 8pm
Thank you for stopping by Come see a Mason show

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