Once upon a time … by owl

Once upon a time …photo by owl @ Aspen Fell

Once upon a time, there was a lighthouse.

 This wasn’t just any old regular lighthouse, legends said that a beautiful goddess had created it to shine, a beacon to guide humanity to where it was supposed to go instead of crashing against the rocky shore.

The lighthouse stood for many, many years on the Bay, trying to shine, but it got dirty. Its keepers, you see, didn’t realize the lighthouse for the beauty that it was and they dirtied it, smudging the glass up and letting the white walls fade and turn brown.  The Goddess long forgotten was very sad.

Then, one day, a young man found his way to the lighthouse and slowly started making little changes; a fresh coat of paint here, a polished banister there. Clean glass to shine through, pictures of loved ones hanging on the walls. The lighthouse became happy, shining forth for anyone who needed it. The man had lost his beloved wife to a evil disease his care of the light house saved him from despair as much as he saved it.

The Goddess became happy seeing the man treasure her gift. Seeing the love in his care of her lighthouse she enchanted its beam of light any who gazed on it had their purest dream come true. Each night the man dreamed of his wife, their life past before his closed eyelids. One night the man had a different dream, he dreamed his wife in a new light happy and filled with light.

The lighthouse beam had reflected across his eyes as he slept. When the man woke the next day he felt light in spirit and well rested, the best sleep he had ever had. He went about tending plants outside the lighthouse flowers blooming. At sunset the man rose from his knees he was startled by an Angel. She was a bit dark and dirty like the lighthouse had been.

She reached for his hand, not knowing what to do he took it. She immediately flew up holding his hand tight. She flew them around the light house and landed below the beam of light as the sun slipped behind the horizon. The man was confused enchanted happy and wanted to be right where he was.

The lighthouse beam turned on as the sun set and the Angel Kissed him tenderly on the lips. The beam of light fell on them silhouetting them in the light.  Then he woke up alone and realized he was dreaming. He had the same dream for 3 nights as the moon rose to full. After dreaming this 3 times he decided to plant a garden.

The man was digging the soil to plant flowers in when he saw a silhouette in the sunlight. She said hello, not sure if he was dreaming he tried to rise and stumbled, she grabbed his hand helping him up. He said thank you and squinted into the sun, seeing a beautiful woman he smiled.   She said my name is Elise I moved into the house down the beach. I wanted to see who took such beautiful care of this light house. He smiled feeling full of light and new beginnings.

The Goddess was very happy!

Fin ~owl

Stepping Through photo by owl

I really enjoyed Aspen fell when i visited .. sad to see it gone..

though its beauty remains etched in the eye as the light goes out.

Have a glimpse from one of Inara Pey’s blog posts  (april 2014)

Starlight in Aspen Fell Modemworld

Thank you ~owl

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