Cica Ghost @ The Living Room

Cica Ghost's  _Small Worlds_ Opening
Cica Ghost’s *Small Worlds* By Cica Ghost

The Living Room

(Our Visual Art Gallery and Live Music venue)

We Open March 3rd 12 slt

Artist Cica Ghost (her work is up the entire month of March)

Musical Guest – The Vinnie Show!

We are thrilled to experience a Rare showing of CICA GHOST’s work in a gallery, she usually creates with whole sims. The detail, creativity, skill and emotion brought to her little worlds is amazing. Seeing this work left me staring in wonder with a big smile on my face. Cica Ghost’s work has a way of touching your inner child! Cica Ghost is from Serbia, she has been in Second Life since 2010.

Cica’s past exhibitions include

2012, September – 2013, February  LEA 13, full sim

*CICA* (black and white world)

2013, January – February  ”Pieces of Cica”, solo exhibition

Nitroglobus Gallery

 2013, March – July  LEA 13, full sim


2013, July – September  MetaLES


2013, December  MIC-Imagin@rium

RED SHOES, collective exhibition

 2014, February – March Lost Town La Citta Perduta

*The Visitors*

2013, October – December (extended to June 2014)   LEA 20

“Moving Islands” [Rafts], collective project by Eupalinos Ugajin

2014, March – April  Caramel

*Little Village*

 2014, November – December  Taboo Rock

*Little Town*

Cica Ghost’s flickr:


Join us for this exciting Opening!

Thank you ~ owl

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