Lollygagger Lane Slumrock Festival 2014

Looking for fun stuff to do this season well Lollygaggers lane is always fun and Yay!! Slumrock!! A awesome line up of Musicians Dec 19th – 21st all proceeds going to a Homeless shelter in Prague! Well worth going to hear some great tunes!

The Bergdorf Reports

slumrock 14 poster 3

The Slumrock 2014 Festival at Lollygagger Lane, now in its sixth year, will take place from December 19 to December 21, 2014. All fundraising proceeds from this year’s spectacular three-day musical event will go to a homeless shelter in Prague. Check out the quite impressive list of performers below:

Friday, December 19
12PM SLT: DJ p
1PM SLT: Russell Eponym
2PM SLT: Engrama
3PM SLT: Oblee
4PM SLT: Nance Brody
5PM SLT: SaraMarie Philly
6PM SLT: Anek Fuchs
7PM SLT: Amforte Clarity
8PM SLT: Loreen Legion

 Saturday, December 20
12PM SLT: DJ Pepepr
1PM SLT: Phoenix J
2PM SLT: Caasi Ansar
3PM SLT: Bartelby Pegler
4PM SLT: Whirligig Rutabaga
5PM SLT: Voodoo Shilton
6PM SLT: The Follow
7PM SLT: Blue4u Nowicka
8PM SLT: Rosedrop Rust

 Sunday, December 21
12PM SLT: Peet Peterman
1PM SLT:  Jaynine Scarborough
2PM SLT: nnoiz Papp
3PM SLT: Nad Gough
4PM SLT: Effinjay
5PM SLT: Kinagree Smith Band
6PM SLT: Blindboink Parham
7PM SLT: Blane Sonnenkern

Take a closer look at this list, it really…

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