Trippy Thursday with Commune Utopia!

Kaleidoskope photo by owl

Sedi organized a trip for Commune Utopia’s Trippy Thursday. Wild this was certainly a very trippy trip!
I loved it and will be going back. I suggest you go visit..

Trippy Crew photo by owl 

I had trouble finding out what was up or who created this sim. the land tag only says
“Interactive Art, Installation, Immersive, StormEye, Ripple, Art, Sculpture, Education, Kinetic, Culture, Beauty”
I did manage to trace the land to NMC (New media Consortium)

Sedi : ) photo by owl
NMC Virtual Worlds is a program designed to help learning-focused organizations explore the potential of virtual spaces in a manner that builds on community knowledge, is cost-effective, and ensures high quality virtual learning opportunities. Launched under the banner of the Educational Gaming Initiative and with initial support from the MacArthur Foundation, the NMC Campus Project is the central project of NMC Virtual Worlds. It has evolved into the largest educational presence in any virtual world, involving more than 150 colleges and universities and a very active community of educators that numbers nearly 12,000. The project became completely self-sustaining in June 2007, and now occupies nearly sixty “islands” in Second Life. The entire history of the effort — and all the latest in current news and events — are chronicled on the project’s blog site, NMC Virtual Worlds.

trip the lights…photo by owl

Thank you for visiting my Blog Please go check out the Nmc’s art installation it really is worth your trip!

Floating! photo by owl

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