@Commune Utopia! all day and night!

This Sunday 21st Sept ALL DAY and all of the NIGHT


we have a special FESTIVAL of MUSIC and FUNDRAISING for CLIMATE CHANGE in association with La Reserva Foundation and INTERNATIONAL DAY of PEACE *and* the Commune’s THIRD Birthday!!! woot!

2am Leefreaque Crazy Music
4am Howie Anarchy at the Commune
spontaneous Music and happenings
8am Hippie Bowman’s Travelling Breakfast
12 noon Winston’s Beautiful Voice
1pm Blindboy strumming his Chicken
2pm Sunny with World Beats
3pm Hippie’s Funky Music
4pm Dango’s Soulful Vibes
So BE THERE with your PIPES of PEACE


A video for Commune utopia showing us one of the many Trees we have helped plant.

La Reserva Forest Foundation in Second Life

La Reserva Forest Foundation is a real-life organization based in Costa Rica, Central America.

Front Page

It is a non-profit, volunteer, charitable organization whose mission is to regenerate and preserve some of the tropical rainforest in Costa Rica, following many years, even generations, of forest clearances, including the displacement of many indigenous tribes who lost their traditional ways of life.

The regeneration of tropical rainforest will enable many animals to gain safe passage through the forest, by creating biological corridors (trees, etc) between areas of forest that have become isolated from the rest.  There are numerous endangered animals which can gain a new footing when the forest is restored in this way.

Also, traditional tribal ways of life can be restored; and regenerating the forest will help to offset the ‘carbon footprint’ of mankind which is said to be contributing to planetary climate change.

The Love Foundation, whose volunteers have created and donated the La Reserva sim, and who have also created another sim ‘Loving Earth’ for The Love Foundation in celebration of the Costa Rica rainforest which La Reserva seeks to regeneate and preserve, is honored to be associated with La Reserva; and looks forward to a mutually happy and constructive partnership with Roberta Ward-Smiley and those colleagues of Roberta who also have joined Second Life to fulfil the great potential that the La Reserva sim affords for the development of their organization and its work.

This could include, on the La Reserva sim,  being able to show videos of La Reserva’s work, and offer opportunities for people to plant trees in their own name, or their family’s or business’s name, at La Reserva’s properties in Costa Rica, which help protect the rainforest and offset their carbon footprint on the planet; and purchase tribal masks made by indigenous peoples living close by La Reserva, thus contributing to maintaining the tribes’ traditional ways of life.  Groups of people – perhaps especially school-children – from around the world, could participate in educational presentations conducted at the sim with La Reserva personnel on hand to answer questions.

We warmly invite you to use this landmark to take a look for yourself at this remarkable enterprise.


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