~ Sarawak ~ Magical ~ Ermandalee ~

Flight Photo by owl

Ermandalee has created a place to dream, a land of magic and beauty!

Windmill Photo by owl

I Have wanted to visit Ermandalee’s build since I read Caitlin’s visit on her blog.

Stones (Unedited is Cropped) Photo by owl

I was spoiled this morning with time alone in real life and got to explore and play and soak in the magical energy of this dream.

Stones Photo by owl

Iam continually amazed at how different we all see things in our photos! 

bridge Photo by owl

The sim is also home to a small Gallery of Ermandalee’s work.
Iam in awe of her photo skills and vision. This Woman has an artistic soul!

Fairytale photo by owl

Spend a few moments or hours in this beautiful space.
Sarawak flicker Group

Moonlight photo by owl

Cait’s World 
Honour Mcmillian’s Blog 
Ziki Questi’s Blog
Living in a Modemworld by Inara Pey
Goodnight Photography By Jeff Goodnight

Thank you for visiting my blog go see Sarawak and enjoy it!

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