Summer season ~ The Trace!

Days Past photo by owl

Kylie Jaxxon has Created a gorgeous summer season at her sim The Trace.
This season is coming to a close ..I recommend you run and see it if you have not yet as Kylie changes it seasonally.
Go see this summer before it changes into Fall.

The Trace direct upload to flicker from ll viewer – spotlight by owl
Summer fades by owl

Thank you Kylie for your generosity to share the beauty of your Sim with the Public.
Kylie’s Blog

window by owl

Destination guide recommended

The Trace at Night by owl

Many people have blogged and taken Photos of The trace here are a few recent ones.

Add your photos to Trace flicker group
Blogged by Inara pey In Living in  Modemworld (April 2014)

Blogged By Honour Mcmillian in Honour’s Post Menopausal view (of Second Life) (April 2014)

Blogged by Jeff Goodnight in Goodnight Photography (July 2014)

Direct to flicker auto contrast LL viewer by owl

~ Thank you for visiting my blog : ) Owl

11 thoughts on “Summer season ~ The Trace!

      1. aww ty! iam using the LL viewer won my apple Macbook pro then i play with them in photo shop .. don’t really know how to use photo shop but i like clicking and tweaking stuff. I joined the photoshop sl Facebook group it has some good tips.


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