SL11B with Bampu Legacies !

Bampu Legacies Build sl11b

I was so excited to be asked by Bambi Chicque of Bampu Legacies to be part of her Sl11b team. Bambi invited Sabbian Paine, Max Romero, Melonie Romano and myself to exhibit our work. So exciting to have my photos showcased with these Amazing Artists!

Come visit us at SL11B!

SL11b Exhibitor Bampu Legacies team

Max Romero I have been following on flicker for a long time to me his work captures natural settings in a new view old world style it is beautiful and calms the spirit!

Flicker ~

Sabbian Paine Wow! I was turned on to his stuff through Mad pea and Nitroglobus gallery, for me his work speaks to the darkness of the soul encompassing beauty growth and pain. I am looking forward to seeing more of his work.

 Flicker ~

 Facebook ~

 Second life Gallery ~

Siwo, owl, lions oh my…

Melonie Romano is an animator; she made the poses in the lions at the sl11b Build.

I have briefly seen tutorials on animation in sl. It is really impressive to see what is created and how it makes an avatar move. Go take your photo on them and play with the various poses.  Melonie is the owner and animator for Razamataz Poses .

 SL11B ~

Flicker ~

Second life store ~

Lions! by owl

Bambi Chicque has a really wide creative streak! I have been following Bambi’s flicker awhile now her Jackalope design caught my attention and brought me to her blog and store. Her photographic art is amazing to me it embraces dreams and fantasy.

 Blog ~

 Flicker ~

 Facebook ~

 Marketplace ~

 Second life Gallery and store ~


Bambi Thank you so much for this opportunity and all the fun!

 Owl Dragonash, me smiles. I am having fun and playing. Iam very happy some people like my photographic play!

(For more about owl and my links read the me page on this blog.)


TY For reading my blog, I hope you find the time to come to SL11B and check out this build!





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