SL11B ~ Commune Utopia ~ a community full of love creativity and freedom ever changing and growing.

Commune utopia @ SL11B by owl

Currently we are exhibiting at SL11B
Ceakay Ballyhoo (CK) and Seductive Dreamscape (Sedi) built a beautiful spot to relax in the middle of SL11B.
CK created bubbles and put some of the Commune’s talented Musicians inside …be sure to click the bubbles for a wonderful surprise.
Come visit us!
Sedi by owl

Commune Utopia was started nearly 3 years ago by Seductive Dreamscape with the vision of a community where everyone had a voice and creativity was encouraged within all, no matter what the genre. We enjoy fun, frolicing and getting back to nature in a simpler way of life. Harking back to the 60s and 70s with the summer of love.
Commune Utopia The Place to BE!
Visit Commune Utopia Blog
Flicker group
dance to his tune by Cherry

photo by Cherry Tinkercuffs check out her Flicker ~

Monthly we feature a new Artist and have an opening Event.
Hippie Bowman’s traveling breakfast comes to the Commune once a month for a fun Party!
We  feature a different community monthly to connect, bridge and learn what is happening in second life and our bigger global world. We donate to charities and have helped to plant many trees with a reforestation project.
(La Reserva Forest foundation, Pixel to Pixel foundation)
Weekly events below we also have random spontaneous events and lots of fun!
Monday – Love ins Hosted by Rachel & Yoru (join our group watch notices for times)
Tuesday – debates and discussions around the fire all day
Wednesday – 11am – 2pm Woodstock Wednesday 3 hours of Live Music weekly hosted by owl see
Thursday – 12 noon random trips to visit other communities and art builds.
                   5pm -7pm  Live Groovy Thursday Hosted by Southern Comfort featuring Live Musicians!
Friday – 2pm PARTY hosted by Hilaire different theme each week featuring various Dj’s from the commune.
Saturday – mellow out in the commune hot tub or have a yoga session or tai chi in the herb garden.
Sunday –  7am reading by Minenoshin and Clyde
                  12 noon Echo’s ambient hour with host Sunshine
Hot tub by Cherry

I hope you enjoyed this quick view of Commune Utopia.

It doesn’t even come close to describing the great energy and fun community we are.

 Come check us out some time, visit me during my morning hot tub, join our chats,  come to a party, live music or art opening.

We would enjoy meeting you!

Commune Utopia

Thank you for reading my blog! owl




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