“We are a generation of digital shamans” ~Resurrection~ “Somniatis” SL11B ~ Monday Meme ~ Edie Sedgwick for Strawberry Sing


I thought the breathtaking Somniatis build at SL11B went with this meme.


“An art installation created by Khyle Sion, featuring art
         by Methias Kira and assisted in assembly by Saikatsu
         Epsilon and Kaelis Ember
            “Somniatis” (sohm-nee-ah-tis); Latin for ‘to dream’.
            Somniatis is a meditation piece — something of
            travel, contemplation and beauty. It flows upward,
            towards a higher state of digital consciousness
            via surreal imaginings and dream-imagery. Things
            become more solid, complex and advanced as
            individuals travel to the apex of the spiral — the
            end of their journey — going from the state of
            “idea” to the state of “completion”.
            On the way back down, the traveler re-connects
            with the primal technological state — the formation
            of the idea. The code. The data. Which works to
            operate the abstract core of the completed
            Second Life is to live within a collective
            consciousness. We journey through these vast
            terrains of ever-expanding, ever-changing worlds
            — worlds that are mirrors of our inner thoughts
            and inner selves.
            Second Life is a pocket dimension of digital
            existence, where dreams are realized in a very
            tangible manner. We weave the thread between the
            realms of reality and that of our psyche – which
            is endless, infinite and ever-growing upward and
            We are a generation of digital shamans. “
                                                                       Direct from the notecard at Somniatis.

1. How is your resurrected avatar different?
     Through experience and time many aspects have changed from appearance to more importantly thought and action.
2. Can you truly know a place if you haven’t left it and returned?
    I honestly don’t think you can.
3. The, as yet, vaporworlds of High Fidelity & SL2 are coming on strong! Of course, so did Blue Mars & Cloud Party. Will you try these worlds when they’re available? Would you maintain “dual citizenship” in SL and SL2 or High Fidelity?
I would keep my foot in all worlds until i knew what was best for me.
4. What would it take from SL2 or High Fidelity for you to say farewell to SL?
    Amazing things with room for my friends.
5. Does your computer or graphics card need a resurrection? How do you imagine your new computing life?
    Who’s doesn’t! I recently got a new laptop and my graphics world has become so amazing. I am looking forward to the next leap i can take in that direction..it will be awhile.
6. If you resurrect multiple times (have multiple alts in SL, or avatars in other worlds) how do you know what your core identity is? What is your core identity?
“wherever you go ..There you are” No mater what form or mask you wear you are still you.
7. What musical era should be resurrected? What musical era should never be resurrected?
  Oh gosh so many 60’s rock, big band, swing, rockabilly, jazz, blues ….oh wait we can still hear so much of these and more. All Music has its value i can’t say one shouldn’t be remembered listened to or contributed.  lets say war any music or era celebrating war although there are some great anti war songs.
8. Who was your 1st kiss in your old life? Who should be your 1st kiss in your new life?
    lol Iam not answering this one I like my romance between myself and the person Iam sharing with.
9. If you could bring just 3 things from your old life to your new life, what would they be?
Things …. Oddly for someone with so many things i would be fine leaving them all.
10. What color will your resurrected underwear be?
       Where we are going we don’t need Underwear!
TY Edie!
ps. more thoughts Regardless of what comes we are here Now and we need to live it  the only thing real is this moment .
ty owl
Inside Loki’s build with fire!

Photos by owl




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