The O R I G I N A L S


The O R I G I N A L S came to life in SL summer during 2008. A travelling group of varying artists. The premise is original thought, live and quality music. The brainchild of POL Arida & The Shippe who wanted to bring more original music to the masses of SL!

June 27th – Tuesday @ Commune Utopia

The O R I G I N A L S

8am Lexus Melodie

8:30 am Pol Arida

9 am Suzen Juel

9: 30 am Winston Ackland

Your Teleport to the gig

Lexus Melodie

is a British singer-songwriter whose performances combine great music, warmth of personality and a sense of humor in equal quantities. She has a voice that can melt hearts but never takes herself too seriously.

Lexus on Facebook

Pol Arida

Is an accomplished singer songwriter from Edinburgh UK.

Finalist in International songwriting competition in 2009 semifinalist in 2017

#5 on the new Scottish music charts.

His unique hammer Guitar style is wild and drives home his lyrics with each original piece he shares. The mind of Pol Arida is rocky terrain which leaks out his lyrical defense against a world gone mad. *listen

Pol Arida Website

Pol Arida Facebook

Suzen Juel

“I become overwhelmed with an emotion of sorts and it comes out through color or sound.”

Dirty, Sexy, Sultry stick in your head Lyrics.

Raw, earthy vocals.
Attention to the details of perception.

The depth of a true artist diving deep into personal experience, expressing through song.
Worth every listen you have…

Suzen shares glimpses of her soul through her Art and Music.

Her musical style is powerful, bold, sensual, earthy and wild love it!

Suzen Juel’s website

Suzen Juel Resistance facebook

I blogged a bit about Suzen here

I asked Winston -What do you love about Second Life?

Winston Ackland:

“I love the fingerprints of everyone who is on the grid, whether they build things, or build connections between people. here we are, from all over the world, wandering the grid, sharing experiences. though these experiences are virtual, we still share them. I love how SL makes me question what real is. “

Today Winston shares his thought provoking originals with us .. careful he has been known to make women swoon!

Winston Ackland isnt new to the music scene playing for over 20 years. His musical career bridged Sl and Rl when his cover of Lithium was used in The 20th century Fox film Marley and Me and again when Winstons cover of Psycho Killer was used in Oliver Stones Savages.

Winston;s Newest project is a collaboration between friends called Wonderland Diner.

Winston’s Calendar

Winston aka Bruce’s website


Bruce Lash facebook


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Mistero, Oblee & AmFort


Mistero Hifeng

SL14B exhibit

This Italian Artist is quite skilled at creating sculptures of his imagination depicting real emotions and feelings.

Every piece I have seen of Mistero Hifeng’s work has moved my soul and brain in many ways.

The skill level this artist uses to imbibe his work with feeling and soul is quite incredible!


Mistero Hifeng is the creator of Cammino e Vivo Capovolto

Mistero on Facebook

Mistero Hifeng on Flickr

I blogged Mistero here awhile back.

The Living room was lucky to have Mistero exhibit for us


Musical aspirations this evening

Oblee Live

Music Fest on Stage Left

Sat, June 24, 8pm – 9pm

This video is by Fuchsia Nightmare of Oblee at BlindBoy Gumbo’s venue The forest

Oblee on Facebook

Oblee on the web

Gotta Include the Drax Files Video about Oblee

AMForte Live

 Music Fest on Stage Left

Sat, June 24, 9pm – 10pm

Amforte on Facebook

“Sometimes there is no need to know where an artist is from or what their favorite color is. Sometimes all you need to do is simply experience the artist’s work because truly passionate artists will bare their soul to you. “

Go play and dance!!




Fabio Lazuli & Dudecansing

Commune Utopia


Fabio Lazuli ‘s art opening

@ Commune Utopia in Second life!

June 24th Saturday 2pm Slt
Dudecansing will be performing

PLEASE NOTE TIME IS A LITTLE LATER THAN MOST ART PARTIES.  The reason DUDE needed to reschedule was “due to being asked to perform at the SL14B event.” WOW nice! He is performing right after that, so we should get a SHOW TO REMEMBER!

And as for the art… SENSUAL, BEAUTIFUL, FEMALE MODELS, some will dance in your dreams for a long time–

speaking of which– COME DANCE AMONG THE ART!

Commune utopia Art field landing here.


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The Guardian, Musicians & Fur


 Stage Left


This Build is defiantly the single most amazing creative fantastical thing I have seen in my almost 10 years of second life.

The land tag simply says…

“Amongst the creatures and spirits that lurk deep within the forest lies a greater being few have ever met. “


The Guardian


Walton F. Wainwright (faust.steamer)

You May recall Mr. Wainwrights’ The Automaton at SL13B or

his incredible Train Station welcome area at SL12B.


Mr. Wainwright is the owner and creator of Contraption in second life.

“Some say I’m an odd, eccentric, friendly, and sometimes spooky fellow. I enjoy laughs and jokes from all over the spectrum and do not take most things too seriously. I am very passionate about art, design, visual storytelling and honour the small things that help an artist grow such as good constructive criticism and advice from everyone – experienced or not! I enjoy designing and writing stories under that the theme of science fiction (often influenced by historical culture). I have been interested in steampunk for years and have enveloped myself with its crafts in real life. “ ß taken from his SL profile

Get lost exploring this stage step into the pond and know you have entered the creative mind of a pure genius! Fly all the way up or cam around and don’t miss the flower!

Mr Wainwright on flickr


My musical aspirations for today include 

Lisa Brune @ Live Stage

 A sweet sexy French singer

Fri, June 23, 12pm – 1pm

Here is a video by Fushia Nightfire shot at the Paris metro Couture

Featuring Lisa singing spring song!

Alazarin Mobius @ Live Stage

AKA Interplanetary Liberation Front

This is wild Prog rock done by a full Furry band all live streaming

An experience not to miss. I love this group!

Fri, June 23, 2pm – 3pm

Find out more on the interplanetary Liberation front Facebook page

 or Alazarin Mobius’s web site

Zak Claxton

Indie musician, happy person. 1/3 of They Stole My Crayon.

Priorities: compassion, nature, laughter.

FRIDAY JUNE 23, 2PM: Stage Left

Zak Claxton is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and performing musician who is best known over the last nine+ years for his online live performances in virtual worlds and remote video streams. A respected multi-instrumentalist and occasional session musician, Zak’s first album as a solo artist was released in 2009. He’s also a member of So Cal-based alternative band They Stole My Crayon, whose debut album is planned for release in Summer 2016. Zak loves many things, including most kinds of cheese, really nice guitars, pie, and just about all kinds of music. Learn more about Zak here.


Hope your experiencing the magic of this huge Birthday bash!





Art & Music Moonlight @ SL14B


“The Ocean is more ancient then the mountains and freighted with the memories and dreams of time.” H. P. Lovecraft

I had to go see the Innsmouth build because Lovecraft is incredible and like many Artists of vision he is so much larger in death!

Innsmouth Alley by understanding complexity

Innsmouth, Massachusetts is a fictional town created by American author H. P. Lovecraft as a setting for one of his horror stories, and referenced subsequently in some of his other works.

My Musical aspirations for today;

The Vinnie Show!

One man, one guitar….. a whole lot of great music!

Thursday 10 am – cake stage

Moon Spark

This singer song writer is from the Netherlands.

 Thursday 1pm  – live stage

Moon Spark on the web

If you can make it that late …

Effinjay live @7pm cake stage

Gandalf Mornington Live @8 cake stage

You are not a member of Second Life until you experience the Giant Snail races!

 It is totally silly, a lot of fun, juvenile and so exciting even from the audience!

This particular event happens on Saturdays.

More info here 


Giant Snail Races by RacerX Gullwing

Celebrate the fun and excitement of the longest running event in Second life, Giant Snail Racing. Exclusive SL14B Freebie available.

 Graham Collins is a beautifully talented photographer.

His work has been displayed all over Second Life.


Graham Collinson art exhibit @Sl14B

 You can also see his work on Flickr

However some photos may not be G rated and those are really quite good!

Cake stage

Live stage

I hope your enjoying SL14B as much as I am!


~ owl